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Hydromax 30 penis pumps, or medically acknowledged as Vacuum Constriction Device (VCD) is one of the few treatments for men who are suffering in cases like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and such. Also, it is also used by men with "small tools" and if they are insecure about their manhood size. It consists of a cylinder tube, which is fitted to the body, and is attached with a constriction ring or band at the end for your tool to become erect and maintain its erection.

Using a constriction pump requires these easy yet fundamental steps to achieve your ideal outcome. First, the user is required to place the cylinder plastic tube over his manhood. Then use the hand or electric pump that comes with the tube and pump the air out of the tube and create vacuum inside and pull blood into your tool. If you have done this adequately, your shaft should be erect by the moment. Once you have an erection, slip the lubricant construction ring at the base down to the lower end of your tool. This is done to get the erection to last long enough for the whole duration of your intercourse activity. Lastly, remove the pumping device. Do not leave it in your organ for more than thirty minutes because it disrupts the blood flow in that area, which might injure it and lead to further complications if it is cut off for a very long time. Visit this link now - more info here.


Now, when should you consider using a constriction pump or avoid it? It is advised to use this product if you have diabetes, in a scheduled surgery due to colon or prostate cancer, and if you are battling psychological disorders like depression and anxiety and it is mostly recommended by the doctors to use this if you are experiencing a poor blood flow to the manhood and if you have an erectile dysfunction. But on the other hand, this constriction device should not be entertained by men who are experiencing specific bleeding disorders like congenital bleeding disorders, anemia, leukemia and other forms of blood conditions to avoid further damage to your blood cells. Some side effects are purple-ing of the shaft in color, and it can be cold and numb. Bruises may be present for quite sometime but this is usually painless and goes back to normal after a few days.


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